NEW IN MFC - some general problems with MDI-application 
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 NEW IN MFC - some general problems with MDI-application


(sample programm under http://www.*-*-*.com/ )

my name is Thomas, I'm from Germany and new in MFC. I was testing with
the Docking-Window solution CCoolDialogBar from

But there are three things I dont understand:
I use a ListBox, where I want to insert entrys by toolbar or any other
event. So I applied an interface (simply with the listboxfunctions) in
my dialogclass. But when i want to test it (the Button with the 'A' on
the right of the toolbar) i get an error message, because the window
handle is zero (?).
What am i doing wrong?

My second question is, how i can detect, if the x-Button is pressed to
actualize my dockingbar-visible-state? Ive tryed the ON_CLOSE handler,
it didnt work because it wasnt evoked any time.

And the last thing: In an MDI i am working with, i can switch on/off
toolbar without problems as long as there are no documents opened. But
they are, the dockingwindow doesn't react to the toolbar-show-button

hope you understand my english and can help me. Would be great, if you
insert a sample code (if its not too long, but i think i just don't
anything important yet) into the project i attached and mail it to

Thanks very very much if you help me,


ps. if there anything, that 'would' work, but isn't correct in case of
proper document/view handling or something like that, i would be happy
if you correct me. It is just a try. Thanks

Fri, 08 Oct 2004 03:05:27 GMT  
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