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 From Dialog to Document...


As you can easily notice after you have read my questions I'm new to MFC.
So, PLEASE  use concise and easy to understand explanations. Thanks in
Now, I
- am using VC++ 6.0
- have a dialog containing an NAME edit box, a PUT button, a GET button and
an OK button.
- am using DOC/VIEW model.
- created and CUser class to keep NAME.
- added a CUser member variable to Document class. (m_User)

What I want is "without closing" the dialog:
- to get NAME from Document's m_User to Dialog's edit box when I press GET
- to put NAME from Dialog's edit box to Document's m_User when I press PUT

My problems are that:
-  I couldn't reach Document's m_User member from Dialog (by pressing GET
button) and need a function like GetDocument().
- If I call the dialog from Document, I couldn't reach the dialog's GET/PUT

Thank you very much.

Tue, 01 Apr 2003 14:52:30 GMT  
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