Use a dialog box to open a doc/view menu (in tree view) 
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 Use a dialog box to open a doc/view menu (in tree view)

Hi all..

I'm new to MFC and doc/view. Heck I'm new to C++ design. But I'm currently trying
to start a project with a dialog box. When the user press a button, it would open
a tree view menu in doc/view format (After process a bunch of data using methods
in the doc class). I can create doc/view tree menu with VC++ AppWizard and I also
can create a dialog box with AppWizard. But how do I create a dialog box with a
button that would open a tree menu with doc/view form??? I was thinking of
creating two separate projects (one with a dialog box and another with the tree
menu) and attempt to connect the two together (which sounds like a messy job).
But I believe that there should be a way in VC++ and MFC for me to add a piece of
code that would create a document/view tree view menu once a button is pressed.
Thank you for the assistance in advance. (I was even thinking of putting the
dialog box and the tree view in two projects in a space but I figure that it
won't be a good way of doing it).


Fri, 12 Sep 2003 08:09:42 GMT  
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