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 Message Handle help

I have a question about the MFC Document/View programming.
In Document View there have view,document ,app & frame. If I select a menu
item ,let say ID_FILE_LOGOFF.
I do a message mapping on it ont he view side. OnFileLogoff will handle this
message on view.
And I also want the app side handle this SAME message at the SAME time,
means that OnFileLogoff at App side.
But the problem is it just handle the view side thats all.

How to solve this problem ?
Or any suggestion or other way to FUNCTION on view and app with just click
on ONE menu item?

I try to use GetParent() to point at app in view side, But i can't find the
function i want.
It just point to base class of app but not my Application class.

I hope that you can help me

thanks for who try to slove this.

Mon, 31 Mar 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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