MDI application and Full Screen Mode 
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 MDI application and Full Screen Mode

I have a MDI application in which I want to turn Full Screen Mode on/off
(that means no no toolbars, no status bar and so on). If the child frames
are maximized when I switch to Full Screen Mode the MDIFrame will lose this
information when I turn back to "normal" mode, i.e. the child frames are
still maximized but the child frames system buttons in the top right corner
are missing. Even more puzzling: if I create a new child after this it shows
the system buttons twice.

My question: is there a possibility inside MDIFrame to refresh all
MDIChildWnds (something like "MDIQueryChildWnds()") ?

thanks in advance to all them CodeGurus

Sun, 03 Dec 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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