Open a file, access denied 
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 Open a file, access denied

I have an application that runs just fine with debug build. I can open
and save documents in the debug mode and use the the serialization
mechanism for storing and loading.

I the release build I can create new documents and save them but I can
not load them. Something seems to go wrong in:


in specific in the method CDocument::OnOpenDocument at

CFile* pFile =
GetFile(lpszPathName,CFile::modeRead|CFile::shareDenyWrite, &fe);

if (pFile == NULL)
 ReportSaveLoadException(lpszPathName, &fe,
                        FALSE, AFX_IDP_FAILED_TO_OPEN_DOC);
                return FALSE;

an exception is raised right here. How is this possible this goes ok in
debug and wrong in the release build?

The exception tells me there is no access to the filen although there is

Sun, 30 Mar 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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