RichEdit Control Clipboard problems 
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 RichEdit Control Clipboard problems

I have created a rich edit control (RichEdit 1.0) inside an MFC CView that I
am using to log messages in. This all works fine until I use the clipboard
keys (Ctrl+X etc.). Using the clipboard makes the program break in the
control code somewhere.

How can I either a) fix this, or b) disable all clipboard operations?

I think my problem is to do with the GetClipboardData() call.
Do I need to supply my own custom implementation of IRichEditOleCallback? If
so what sort of functionality should it provide?

I don't want to use CRichEditView as I'm trying to create a generic loging
view. Several apps will use this view with a variety of CDocument derived
document classes.

Any help much appreciated



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Sat, 16 Aug 2003 00:08:03 GMT  
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