How to add a new doc type? 
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 How to add a new doc type?


I am trying to create a editor which supports two
document types. Using AppWizard, I created
a full server (without compound document support)
MDI application for the first  type.
For a document type, AppWizard creates 3 classes
derived from COleServerDoc, CEditView and
COleServerItem. Also it add lots of type related
stuff into registry (.reg) file and resource (.rc) file.

Now for the second type, what all should I do?
Since I plan to use the same viewer, can I just
create a new document and add it to the document
template. What all should I add into the registry
file and resource files? I am getting quite confused.

Can sombody please throw some light on this...
Even some pointers to MSDN or VC++ docs would
be very useful.

Sharath Shetty

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Fri, 15 Dec 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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