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Greetings to all the NG.

My problem is maybe a strange  however. .I'll tray to
expose it hoping to your response.
I have a database of Access with an OLE field, in which I have been
memorized of the "documents" creations with a my application in
I would want know the functions (C++) that the OLE server gets from
for launch the serialization of the document compatibility with the
OLE field.
Practically I want to can, create an object "MyDocument" from VB
 ( "MyDocument" it is a class of automation), save directly
in the field of a recordset of access without displaying the
mask "Insert Object" that it would instigate the launching of the
associate to the document (in this case I have not  problems to save
document or to load it ;) )
Vice versa I want re-create the object beginning from the datum also
contained in the OLE field.

Does anybody of you know anything of it?
Thank you for the contingent responses.

Please, answer by e-mail, thank you.

Tue, 07 Aug 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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