Capturing contents of non-visible window 
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 Capturing contents of non-visible window

I have a COM Server .exe that contains a window to
which I draw. This can be done either with the window visible,
invisible or obscured.  I need to capture the drawn image and
export it to a file.  For this I need an HBITMAP of the image.
Here's the code:

void CopyToFile(CWnd *pWnd)
   CWindowDC dc(pWnd);
   CDC   memDC;
   CRect  rect;
   HBITMAP hBitmap;
   CBitmap bmp;

   bmp.CreateCompatibleBitmap(&dc, rect.Width(),rect.Height());
   CBitmap* pOldBitmap = memDC.SelectObject(&bmp);
   memDC.BitBlt(0, 0, rect.Width(),rect.Height(), &dc, 0, 0, SRCCOPY);

   hBitmap = (HBITMAP)bmp;

    /* Transfer to .jpg */



The problem is that the image is always of whatever happens
to be on the desktop in the position of my window (Source editor,
Explorer, etc.).  I think there must be a way to get the actual
image that has been drawn to my window and not just what is on
the screen at that moment.  How?


Tue, 12 Aug 2003 03:04:46 GMT  
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