MFC OCX Subclassing Problem 
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 MFC OCX Subclassing Problem

I am trying to create an OCX based on the "EDIT" standard windows control.
I would like to trap the WM_KEYPRESS message, look for the VK_RETURN value
in that message, and prevent the control from beeping.  I don't want the
control to be multilined.  I've allready told the ClassWizard that I want
my control subclassed under the "EDIT" control.  My problem is where do I
intercept the message?  Just intercepting in an OnKeyDown () function
doesn't seem to do the trick.  It executes the code in that function, but
then it goes on and lets the control beep.

Can anyone out there help?

Chris Mitzel

Mon, 07 Feb 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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