MDI Drawing glitch with XP visual style enabled 
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 MDI Drawing glitch with XP visual style enabled

When we switch between different views in a MDI windows, if the
current view is maximized, the function MDIActivate() or the message
WM_MDIACTIVATE will restore(de-maximize) the current view first and
then activate the new view in maximized state. This drawing glitch is
barely noticable without any XP theme. But when the standard windows
XP theme is enabled, I can clearly see the old view in restored state
before the new view comes up. Since the standard XP theme uses a blue
border and a red close button, this glitch looks very conspicous. Is
there any solution to this problem?

This is my imperfect solution. I will override this function:

void CMainFrame::MDIActivate(CWnd *pWnd)
        CWnd *pActiveWnd=MDIGetActive();


This function does remove the above drawing glitch. But it creats a
new side effect. When UnlockWindowUpdate() is called, it seems the
whole main MDI frame window is refreshed. All the toolbars, rebars are
redrawn, producing a flashy effect.

Thanks for any tips.

Wed, 07 Dec 2005 04:06:51 GMT  
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