ShellExecute does not exit when done 
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 ShellExecute does not exit when done

Hello all,

I am writing an app that uses ShellExecute to initiate a process. The
problem is that unless I specify SW_SHOWNORMAL and manually close the
resulting DOS window, the process will not exit once finished, and I
have to close it using the task manager (Winoldap). I want to run the
process without a DOS window, and have it close when finished. Can you
help me with whatever syntax I'm missing?

LPCTSTR Operation = _T("open");
LPCTSTR File = _T("pkzip");
temp.Format("%s %s", OutputFile, InputFile);
LPCTSTR Parameters = _T(temp);
ShellExecute(NULL, Operation, File, Parameters, NULL, SW_HIDE);

Thank you for your time
Errol Alpay

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Fri, 02 Aug 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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