Application runs on 2000 but not on 98 or 95 
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 Application runs on 2000 but not on 98 or 95

The application uses CPropertySheet inside in dialog box. Under 2000
everything works fine, but on windows 98 , if the window is hidden it will
not redraw itself after it gets the focus. Also the standard button
(IDOK,IDCANCLE_ID_APPLY_NOW, ID_HELP) of the propertysheet won't display
correctly, only part of the  help button falls inside the dialog window. On
windows 95 this problem doesn't occur but the caption of CPropertyPages is
hidden by the resource of the property page.
Also building of the application on windows 98 doesn't change this

Can you help me out



Thu, 15 Apr 2004 05:56:13 GMT  
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