Needing advice on Wav programming 
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 Needing advice on Wav programming

 I will be creating an applications which will both play and record audio.
It will not be super sophisticated, with editing being handled by a third
party product. At this point, I will be dealing with only wav files. Later,
I will have to do work with raw audio files; but i am not worried about
that at this point.

I have experience with MFC and DOS audio board programming but I am new at
windows wav manipulation.

I will be supporting both Win95 and WinNT platforms.

I will need to support multiple simultaneous plays/records.

   My questions are this:

    What is the best route to go:   wave Win32 function calls or

     I was looking over the waveIn... and waveOut... functions and they
seem pretty straightforward except for one thing; how do you get a handle
to the device? All the functions ask that you pass a handle to it, but I
see nowhere on how to get that handle?

   any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!!!

                              Thank you in advance!!

Tue, 11 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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