'operator =' for CArray derived class 
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 'operator =' for CArray derived class


I've created a class (CRecordSet<>) which derives from CArray<TYPE,
ARG_TYPE>. TYPE contains one of my own defined structs.
I try to make the following assignment:

CRecordset<LPPROJECT, LPPROJECT> m_CurrentProRs;
m_CurrentProRs = ProjectRs;
(ProjectRs is an object from the same class as m_CurrentProRs)

The compiler comes with the following error:
'CRecordset<struct PROJECT *,struct PROJECT *>' : 'operator ='
function is unavailable.

How do I implement such an operator= function? It needs to be general
so that other structures also can be copied.

Thanks for any help.

Sun, 11 Sep 2005 15:48:26 GMT  
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