HELP Needs to check if file exists on FTP server 
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 HELP Needs to check if file exists on FTP server


I need to check A) if a file exists and B) get the files size if it exists!

I have tried CFtpFileFind but it doesnt work. The article Q166505 in the
knowledgebase indicates that there actually is a bug. Although I must admit
i didnt really understand what the heck they ment in that article.

I have also tried to simply do a CFtpConnection::OpenFile(myfile,
GENERIC_READ); but that causes an "unhandled exception" that is very, very
weird. It is not a CInternetException since I catch that one. It seems like
a bug, because if I open the file for writing It works fine!

So, please, someone! How do I it? Someone who has a piece of code maybe...


Sun, 02 Jun 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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