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 property window

I'm developing a windows application with MFC 7.0 in the
Visual C++.NET environment. It's a MDI app with splitter
windows. I want to create a property window where I want
to edit attributes for currently selected element types. I
have seen the property attributes window in Visual.NET and
I like it alot. Very nice with attributes grouping where
you can collapse groups to have a better overview.

My questions:
- Are there any ready to use classes or activeX components
to manage this.
- My simple solution I'm thinking about at the moment is
to create a static splitterwnd where I place a formview
with standard dialog controllers such as edit boxes etc.
But I have not succeeded to replace the formview to
reflect the change of object types.

Thanks in advance
Magnus Olsson

Mon, 12 Sep 2005 08:05:39 GMT  
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