User Controls in a dialog in a 16-bit MFC extension DLL 
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 User Controls in a dialog in a 16-bit MFC extension DLL

Hi out there,

I need a little asistance in my MFC topic. Currently I'm using VC 1.52.
I try to use a derivation on an 3rd party user control (stingray grid
in a form view in an splitter window in a MDI child frame in an MFC
extension dll. First tries yielded no usable results. So I reset my problem
to the topic of using a user control in a dialog class. The
dialog will be called from an application using this dll.

I'm not sure, whether this is a WIN / MFC problem or a 3rd party control
So here I am...

Sure I found some documentation in the knowledge base about the grid and
16.bit extension dll. And sure again, I followed the advices given there.
Anyway my dialog didn't show up. Drill down showed that the ::DialogBox call
in the MFC DlgCore.cpp failed (retval = -1) (Called by CDialog::DoModal()).
Removing the user control from the dialog allowed the dialog to arise, so
the resources of the dialog were found in the correct dll (CDynLinkLibrary
stuff and so on). So I isolated the problem to the user control definition
in my resources. The user control properties are:
    Caption: "Hello world"
    Class: CMyUserControlDerivation        // I registered this class
    Style: 0x5081000
    visible: yes
    group: no
    disabled: no
    tabstop: yes

Furthermore, the dialog has two buttons (OK / Cancel). Not too unusual, I

What went wrong when calling CDialog::DoModal() ??

Besides, it seems to be impossible to find any information on user controls
at all.
I seached the news groups via and used the criteria:
"extension dll" AND MFC AND "user control". Poor results. Any suggestions

Thanks in advance for some help.

Klaus Tr?ger

Sun, 17 Dec 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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