16 bit Codebase GPF Go AWAY! 
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 16 bit Codebase GPF Go AWAY!

Language:   VC++ 1.52
Accessory: Codebase

I have a dialog use the Codebase controls for the Mask editing.   I have :

m_strUInfoUNITID->SetStrProperty( "Text", m_f4UnitUNITID.str() );
m_strUInfoUNITID->SetNumProperty( "ControlUpdate", TRUE );

m_f4UnitUNITID is a Field 4 object direct from a FoxPro DBF and
m_strUInfoUNITID is a string pointing at a Codebase Editbox.  The first
time this is run there is no problems but when I change to the next record
I and this line is executed again I get a General Protection Fault (GPF).  
Does anyone know why..  

Thanx in advance..


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Tue, 26 Oct 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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