How to event sink to events in the same IDispatch derived class 
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 How to event sink to events in the same IDispatch derived class

    i'm using a Web Browser Control. I have created a IDispatch derived
class in order to catch the double-clicks on the html control.

Setting "put_ondblclick()" using the proper interface to an element of the
document works fine. But now i would like to add another event sink on a
different element, that would be onclick() this time "put-onclick()". I have
already did it with 2 different IDispatch derived classes, but i would like
to use only one derived classe, there is no need for another one.

So how can i assigne a DISPID to the event in order to recognize it when
Invoke is called ? I tried to check if dispIdMember was equal to
DISPID_ITHMLDOCUMENT2_ONCLICK or something like this that is specified in
the doc but all i got is a "unfined identifier" at compilation. Maybe i need
to include a library or something ?

Maybe i really need to derive IDispatch twice to make the difference between
the two events ? But i don't think so... i just don't know how to do it



Sylvain Simard
Dveloppement multimdia
QA International


Tue, 29 Jul 2003 04:18:26 GMT  
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