Movie/Sound files, reading data embedded with another file 
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 Movie/Sound files, reading data embedded with another file

Does anyone know how to stream Active movie data embedded within my own
data file.

Most video/audio function for Active movie and MCI playback only accepts a
file name for reading the data.
I want to protect data by creating my own media file and stream the data
from section within the file.

I've wanted to do this with MCI for many years now, but it seams you can't
give the MCI functions a file handle.
(I know their are some low level 'mmio' functions available, but I prefer
the flexibility of using MCI calls.

I've have found some code to read an Active Movie file into memory and
stream that to a video render filter, but how do I cater for very large
data streams?

Please can anyone help me?

Yours hopefully

Andrew Bray

Tue, 25 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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