16 bit apps in Korean Windows 98 BUG! 
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 16 bit apps in Korean Windows 98 BUG!

Hi !
I noticed strange behavior of 16-bit programs in Korean Win98.
Korean Windows 98 are absolutely "pure" i.e are installed on PC after
formatting hard drive.
I designed 16-bit program which has only one dialog with edit control. This
application also inits OLE using AfxOleInit.
Then I launched this program on Korean Windows 98. When I set focus to edit
control after first launch of my app I can switch between Korean and English
letters as well. Then I close app and launch  it second time ( some times it
happens after third or 4 Th start  of program ) I noticed that I cannot
switch between languages - only English available.
Investigation of the problem shows us that if ole is not initialized in the
program everyth is OK.
 I also tried to find what is the difference between "Good" and "Bad"
windows ( i.e windows where i can switch to Korean and where I can not )
using IME functions such as ImmAssosiateContext, ImmGetContext e.t.c and
spy. The result: good and bad edit controls have no difference in IME  point
of view.  Also I tied to change keyboard layout from the program using
ActivateLayout e.t.c functions from API - no result ( i.e layout changed ,
but the language remain Korean ).
Then I noticed the following strange thing: when only one "Bad" window is
active and i launch the second instance of application - in the second
instance everyth is OK - I can switch between languages.
Also i can simply  copy and paste through clipboard Korean text to my edit
control - but i can not type!
MSDN has no information about this bug.
This bug was detected not only on my computer. People in Korea nave the same

As a result of this bug edit controls in 16 bit applications sometimes do
not allow user to change language to Korean in KOREAN Windows 98 !
Does anyone know the reason of such strange behavior of 16 bit application?
I will be very glad to hear any opinion.


Sat, 08 Sep 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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