Derive a MFC dialog from an existing MFC Dialog 
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 Derive a MFC dialog from an existing MFC Dialog


My problem is:
I want to derive a new class CDialog2 from an existing class CDialog1
derived itself from the MFC class CDialog. The CDialog1 class has got an
own dialog resource with some controls created in the VC++5.0 graphical
editor. My new specialized CDialog2 class should append some new
controls to the derived dialog.
Now my question:

Is there a way to manage it with the VC++5.0 graphical editor? As in the
Borland builder!

Everytime when I try to create a new dialog resource and try to create
an appropriate class for it (using the AppWizard), there is no chance to
derive CDialog2 from CDialog1. But I want to get it with the

Thank you in advance,

Sat, 03 Mar 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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