Embedding: CPropertySheet in CPropertyPage 
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 Embedding: CPropertySheet in CPropertyPage


First I know this is no good UI design style

I have succeeded in embedding modeless cpropertysheets in cdialog, by
using create() and appropriate window styles.

I need a modal dialog (CPropertysheet) with CPropertypages, and
one of them contains another PropertySheet.

this innermost sheet should be created by the "Parent" CPropertypage.
Which method should be overriden? I am right now doing this in

   CPropertySheetEx* embSheet = new CPropertySheetEx ("Embedded");
   Page1* embPage1 = new Page1 ();
   embSheet -> AddPage (embPage1);
   embSheet -> Create (this, WS_CHILD, 0);

that code worked perfectly for just embedding a CPropsheet in dialog,
Create method asserts...

btw: I use a CStatic in dialog editor and use its coords for
SetWindowPosing the sheet into the right size


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Sat, 21 Feb 2004 00:31:47 GMT  
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