CRecortset::Delete causes assertion failure! 
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 CRecortset::Delete causes assertion failure!

CRecortset::Delete seems to be causing a assertion failure when throwing an

The assertion failure occurs in the following lines:

void AFXAPI AfxThrowDBException(RETCODE nRetCode, CDatabase* pdb, HSTMT
 CDBException* pException = new CDBException(nRetCode);
 if (nRetCode == SQL_ERROR && pdb != NULL)
  pException->BuildErrorString(pdb, hstmt);
 else if (nRetCode > AFX_SQL_ERROR && nRetCode < AFX_SQL_ERROR_MAX)
  TRACE1("%s\n", pException->m_strError);


It seems to occur where it is loading the error string.

1.  Why would I be getting an assertion failure????   Why would I be having
trouble loading the string resource.

2.  Why am I getting an exception??  The error seems to be 1005.

CanUpdate returns true,  I can append to the table.

The table is on a MS SQL server

Sun, 05 May 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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