Using Microsoft FlexGrid 
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 Using Microsoft FlexGrid


I'm trying to make sense of some ActiveX controls that I have on my system.
The best example is the FlexGrid control. I get it in my list of ActiveX
controls when I try to insert one in a VC++ dialog, but I don't even know
where it came from. Did it come with Win95? VC++ 5? VB4? Some application?
Am I allowed to use and distribute it? Do I even have to distribute it or is
it safe to assume that it exists on every Win95 machine?
And my favorite question: HOW can I use it? I didn't find any mention of it
in the DevStudio's documentation or in MSDN online. Can anyone please point
me to some information about this control?

Thanks in advance,

Wed, 02 Aug 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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