CDaoDatabase in COM Component Problem 
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 CDaoDatabase in COM Component Problem

I have a possible bug in DAO when used in an ATL component.

To work out if it was my own code or not I created an ATL Simple COM
component with one interface and one method in that interface. It has
MFC support and includes afxdao.h.

I then created a dialog based MFC app with a single button that just
creates an instance of the component, gets the interface, calls the
method, and releases everything.

The method in the component just does this...

STDMETHODIMP CDaoTestObj::OpenAndClose(BSTR bstrFileName)


                CDaoDatabase* pDB=new CDaoDatabase;



                delete pDB;
        catch(CException* pe)

        TRACE0("OpenAndClose Finished\n");

        return S_OK;


I run the app, press the button, it works fine, then I exit the app and
I get a "DAOTESTCLIENT caused an invalid page fault in module
KERNEL32.DLL at..."

This happens regardless of whether I have an AfxDaoTerm() call or not,
and I've tried it after the delete pDB in the method, in the
DllCanUnloadNow() in the component, in the ExitInstance(), etc.

The same symptoms occur in the Component I've written which
successfully creates from scratch and manipulates DAO databases - ie:
everything works perfectly until the application terminates and the
component unloads.

It's also an extremely painful thing to try and debug because the
exception occurs in the system dll where it can't be traced, and it's
one that you can't close/terminate/stop debugging, so that files are
locked open, and so the machine needs rebooting before anything can

I'm using VC 6.0 on Windows 98.

Nev Delap

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Mon, 18 Feb 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
 CDaoDatabase in COM Component Problem
PS: Deja converted the tabs to spaces. That's not how I format my code.

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Mon, 18 Feb 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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