Displaying information in right pane 
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 Displaying information in right pane

Hi folks,

I'm just starting out on MFC and is trying to understand how the
Doc/View architecture works.  I have created a simple app through the
Class Wizard.  It contains a left pane and a right pane, separates by
a splitter control. Both the left pane and right pane inherit from

There is a tree control in the left pane that is use to display some
text.  Te right pane is use to display information specific to the
text the user clicks on in the left pane.

What I find is that I can't seem to display any text in the right
pane. So as a test, in the code of the class MyTestAppView.cpp, I have
the following:

CMyTestAppView::OnDraw(CDC *pDC)
        CMyTestAppDoc* pDoc = GetDocument();

        CString myString = "This is a test";
        pDC->TextOut(0, 20, myString);


But I find that the OnDraw event does not fire when my application is
run.  What am I doing wrong?  Do I need to change the base class of my
CLeftView and CMyTestAppView classes to CView, instead of CTreeView as
it is now?

Any help is much appreciated.



Thu, 13 Oct 2005 14:54:07 GMT  
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