Print preview doesn't work, but print ok 
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 Print preview doesn't work, but print ok

Hi all!

I don't understand. I try to implement print/print preview into my MDI
app. I'm able to print correctly what I see on screen, but unable to
print preview.

I set my CDC like that in the PrepareDC function:

        pDC->SetWindowExt(windowExt.Width(), windowExt.Height());
        pDC->SetViewportExt(rc.Width(), -rc.Height());      
        pDC->SetViewportOrg(0, rc.Height());

I draw into a memory DC created this way:

        pMemDC = new CDC();
        memBitmap.CreateCompatibleBitmap(pDC, bitmapWidth, bitmapHeight);
        pMemDC->SelectObject(&brush);  // Select the brush
        pMemDC->ExtFloodFill(0, 0, 0x00, FLOODFILLSURFACE);

and into the OnDraw function, I do a bitblt like that:

pDC->BitBlt(mScrollRect.left, mScrollRect.bottom, mScrollRect.Width(),
abs(mScrollRect.Height()), pMemDC, mScrollRect.left,
mScrollRect.bottom, SRCCOPY);

Any help would be appreciate!


Fri, 29 Jul 2005 21:20:37 GMT  
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