Floating Control bar focus problem 
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 Floating Control bar focus problem

I have multiple floating controlbars in an application.  If one overlaps
the other, simply clicking on the caption of the lower one does not
bring it to the foreground.

I have traced the cause down into the MFC.  When the CMiniDocFrameWnd
object, in which the control bar is floating, handles the
left-mouse-button-down-in-the-non-client-area (I don't remember the
exact name) message, it calls the ActivateTopParent() member function.
Eventually, this just sets the mini frame's owner to the foreground,
ignoring the mini frame.

There are also some other weird things going on with the parent/owner
relationships going on with the CControlBar, CDockBar, and
CMiniDocFrameWnd objects which are causing some problems.

I've seen this in one of the sample control bar apps from the July '96
MSDN.  So, it's not just in my code.

Has anyone seen this behaviour before?  If so, I'd appreciate any help
on getting around this.


Darren Pendery

Mon, 31 May 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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