HELP: How to Query Binary registry values 
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 HELP: How to Query Binary registry values


Below is a snippet of code which works fine foor querying string values from
the registry. Could someone explain to me what is required to query binary

I have read the help for RegQueryValueEx but am unsure what to make of it.

Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated.

HKEY hKey;
DWORD dwSize = 24 ;
CString RegQuery;

if (RegOpenKey (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE,"Key\\Here",&hKey)==ERROR_SUCCESS)

 if (RegQueryValueEx (hKey, "Key Value", NULL,
NULL,(LPBYTE)RegQuery.GetBuffer(25),&dwSize) == ERROR_SUCCESS)
   RegQuery.ReleaseBuffer (0);

Mon, 09 Jul 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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