Can i use Api in a workstation window 2000 using window NT server 
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 Can i use Api in a workstation window 2000 using window NT server

First of all thank u for ur company to solving the problem
of the developer. I have a problem. I am newly enter   in
the Visual C++. I made a program in vc++ using
api "netuser get info",  in which i use level   2 and use
these  properties.
LPWSTR    usri2_name;
LPWSTR    usri2_full_name;
DWORD     usri2_last_logon;
DWORD     usri2_last_logoff;
in out  put  I  enter the user name and server . I also
mention that i am working in LAN environment and some user
have a NT workstation, and some have a window 2000
professional workstation, but the server is  window NT ver
This api work well, for the workstation for NT and give
right out put , but if i enter the name of user who use
workstation window 2000 professional, it create a problem
and not give right out put only in the last logoff all
remaining functions well and give right out put .  I write
down the out put of both user  NT and window 2000;
// for the user who use NT workstation
Fawad Ehsan // user full name
Stpk1 // server name
8/9/02 7:50:46 PM //Date
Fri Aug 09 18:37:53 2002  // last log on
Fri Aug 09 18:40:54 2002// last log off
// for user who use window 2000
ali ahmed   // use full name
Stpk1 // server name
8/9/02 7:50:46 PM    //Date
Fri Aug 09 17:16:37 2002  // last log on
Thu Apr 11 16:25:05 2002   // last log off  

last log off in the window 2000 workstation  is not right
value, it is my problem.  I made this program in window NT
and   also run this program on window 2000. But the
problem is same. Either   on window NT or on  window  
Can any body help  me.
Thank u Microsoft.
With best of regards

Mon, 31 Jan 2005 14:32:58 GMT  
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