CInternetSession::GetHttpConnection() does not throw an exception if the server is down ? 
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 CInternetSession::GetHttpConnection() does not throw an exception if the server is down ?


I try to implement a HTTP PUT request into my MFC
application (on Windows 2000).

Following are the steps I use :

1) create a CInternetSession object
2) open the HTTP connection:
3) open the request: CHttpConnection::OpenRequest()
4) send the request: CHttpFile::SendRequestEx(),
CHttpFile::Write(), CHttpFile::QueryInfoStatusCode()
5) close the request: CHttpFile::EndRequest().

My problem is that when the target HTTP server is NOT
running, the GetHttpConnection() method returns a valid
CHttpConnection pointer and does not throw any

Then the OpenRequest() returns a valid CHttpFile pointer
so I can write my blocks of data to it.

If the file is a large one, after having successfully
written the first blocks of data, I can get a
CInternetException on the CHttpFile::Write() method.

But if the file to send is a small one, all seems to
work fine... But of course nothing is sent.

Is it a known problem or am I doing something wrong ?

Thanks for help,


Sun, 18 Dec 2005 16:07:24 GMT  
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