CAnimateCtrl crashes when it sends WM_COMMAND messages 
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 CAnimateCtrl crashes when it sends WM_COMMAND messages

I have the following function that creates and destroys a CAnimateCtrl
(m_pSearchAVI). The problem is, when I call ShowSearchingAVI(FALSE) it
stops the AVI playing and destroys the window. But on Stop(), the
CAnimateCtrl posts a WM_COMMAND message, and by the time MFC gets
around to processing it, the CAnimateCtrl window is gone, and MFC
throws an exception in CWnd::OnCommand because hWndCtrl is no longer a
valid window. Anybody know how i can get around this problem? My code
follows. One solution would be not to destroy the CAnimateCtrl, but
that won't work for me since i need to recreate it with a different
background color.

void CFileList::ShowSearchingAVI(BOOL bShow)
  if (bShow)
    m_pSearchAVI = new CAnimateCtrl();
                         CRect(10,10,40,40), this, IDC_SEARCHAVI);


    m_pSearchAVI->Play(0, -1, -1);
    if (m_pSearchAVI)
      delete m_pSearchAVI;



Sat, 16 Oct 2004 07:57:08 GMT  
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