Property sheet dialog back ground using Manifest 
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 Property sheet dialog back ground using Manifest


I have the following.

a) A DLL that has a function Display() that displays a property sheet.
b) In the PROPSHEETPAGE structure dwFlags = PSP_USETITLE |
c) In the callback for the property sheet's dialog, I handle only
WM_INITDIALOG and dutifully pass the other messages to DefWindowProc.
Also I call DefWindowProc after doing my set of processing for
d) The function Display() launches the sheet using PropertySheet()

I have a standalone application that invokes this Display() function
from my DLL.  This application by itself uses Property Sheets using
MFC CPropertySheet for displaying other sceens.

I have compiled and linked both the dll and the application using
latest SDK includes and libraries.  I have defined a Manfiest for the
.exe that mandates it to use CommCtrl version 6 and included the
Manifest in the resources for the application.  After all this I see
the following problem.
- All Property sheets the app creates using CPropertySheet (ie MFC
stuff) come up fine with the XP theme color background (Whitish)
showing up correctly.

- The property sheet that the application brings up via my DLL(where
my DLL uses PropertySheet() call) comes up with only the tab having
the XP theme color showing.  The rest of the dialog box has the old
Grey color.  However the OK, Cancel and Apply buttons have the Theme

Would appreiciate very much if anyone can tell me what I have done
wrong with my DLL.

Thanks in advance

Thu, 15 Sep 2005 20:00:30 GMT  
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