How to abort print preview? 
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 How to abort print preview?

Hi Marc,

You may want to customize the print preview window, and handle the close
toolbar button. Please check TN030 for more information:

TN030: Customizing Printing and Print Preview


When performing a long time operation, it is important to keep the message
dispatched. Otherwise, the UI will dead and fail to response to user's
operations. For more information, please check the MSJ article below:

http://www.*-*-*.com/ ++0798.htm

Note: The URL may wrap.

Hope it helps.

Best Regards,
Leo Chen

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| I am searching for an option on how to abort the print
| preview of the MFC preview class.
| I need this, because the drawing of a page in my app can
| last very long. So the user should have an option to abort
| the drawing and close the preview window.
| I know it is possible to use the the CDC::QueryAbort
| method during printing. Can I use a simmilar technique
| during print preview?
| Since the drawing of a page is a multiple step process in
| my app it would be possible to query an abort procedure
| during preview.
| Thanks in advance

Tue, 29 Mar 2005 08:37:59 GMT  
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