Adding a progress bar control to the status bar 
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 Adding a progress bar control to the status bar

> I'm trying to add a progress bar to my status bar like the one I.E. 3.0
> when it's loading a page.  I added the following code to my MainFrm class
> in OnCreate :
>    i
> nt nResult;
>    DWORD Style;
>    CRect Rect();

> m_wndStatusBar.GetItemRect(1,Rect);
>    nResult = m_wndProgressBar.Create(Style, Rect, &m_wndStatusBar, 1);
>    ASSERT(nResult);
>    m_wndProgressBar.SetRange(0,100);

> I then try to call SetPos from my view class.

> The progress bar never shows up.  Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

Hi Bill

These three member functions of CMainFrame has done it for me several
it looks a lot like your code - but I happen to know that this works. I
think the function names speak for them self.

void CMainFrame::CreateProgressBar(int nLower, int nUpper)
        CRect rcPane;
        m_wndStatusBar.GetItemRect(0, &rcPane); // Choose the right pane

                rcPane, &m_wndStatusBar, 1));
        m_wndProgressBar.SetRange(nLower, nUpper);


void CMainFrame::DestroyProgressBar()
        ASSERT(m_wndProgressBar.m_hWnd != NULL);


void CMainFrame::SetProgressBar(int nPos)
        ASSERT(m_wndProgressBar.m_hWnd != NULL);


Hope this helps.

Henrik E. Rasmussen

Sat, 27 Nov 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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