cdaorecordset::GetFieldValue --> variant 
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 cdaorecordset::GetFieldValue --> variant

hi --

i'm trying to retrieve a string from a CDaoRecordSet using
GetFieldValue(), but am getting some strange return values.

Note: Most of this code is from Bob Place's GenericRecordSet
class on codeguru, i recommend it.

CString GenericRecordset::GetCString(CString ColumnName) {
        COleVariant covFieldValue;
        VARIANT *vFieldValue;
        CString Holder;
        GetFieldValue(ColumnName, covFieldValue);
        vFieldValue = (LPVARIANT)covFieldValue;
        return Holder;


for some fields, this works fine. for others (possibly those
with a Memo type), it only returns the first character of
the string. i can get the full string with:

        Holder = vFieldValue->bstrVal;

but for the cases where the top code worked originally, that
returns garbage. i can't tell any difference in the two
VARIANTs that would allow me to differentiate betweent the
two cases, and documentationt that i can find suggests that
the value should always be in bstrVal if (vFieldValue.vt ==

thanks for any suggestions

Sun, 15 Sep 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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