Problem updating SQL Server through ODBC/CRecordset 
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 Problem updating SQL Server through ODBC/CRecordset

I've written a MFC-based application. It's supposed to update a SQL Server
database. I'm using ODBC to make my application database independant. I've
got a recordset that is derived from CRecordset. I open the database and
the recordset (as dynaset) and it works fine.


When I call CanUpdate on my recordset it fails. It always returns FALSE. I
know the primary key has to be in the recordset, if it should be possible
to update SQL Server through ODBC, and it is. If I switch ODBC driver and
let my application use a Access database instead everything works ok. Any
ideas of what I have done wrong?

Version of Visual C++: 4.2b
Version of NT: 4.0
Version of SQL Server: 6.5
Version of SQL Server ODBC driver: 2.65.0240.

This is the way my code looks like:



   recset.m_idrad = 1;
   recset.m_text   = "Just a sample";




Thanks in advance!

Magnus Granberg
IBM Global Services, Nordic

Mon, 04 Oct 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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