problem when reading data from vector. 
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 problem when reading data from vector.

I create a file and write data into it use ofstream.
Then I read them from the file and push them into a vector.
I want to sort those data in the vector and re-write to that file using
ofstream. But I can't get them from the vector.

#include <vector>
typedef vector<char*> INTVECTOR;

  ofstream oftmp(pFileName,ios::out | ios::ate);
  oftmp << "IOS 2"<< endl;
  oftmp << "IOS 3"<< endl;
  oftmp << "IOS 4"<< endl;
  oftmp << "IOS 6"<< endl;

   INTVECTOR theVector;;
  while(ifPtr.getline(buf, MAX_BUF_LEN - 1)) {


 ofstream ofPtr(pFileName, ios::out );
 while (!theVector.empty()) {
  ofPtr << theVector.front();

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