PSM_CANCELTOCLOSE changes english text to localized one 
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 PSM_CANCELTOCLOSE changes english text to localized one


      I'm trying to run the Visual C++ property page
sample provided with MSDN, named as "propdlg". If I run
the example on a Windows 2K server, and play around with
the demo property pages, it works fine. However, if I
execute the same example on a Windows 2K Professional
Edition, fully localized to Arabic, I face a strange
behavior while working with one of the property pages.

      If I bring up the property sheet and make some
changes in the page, the Apply button gets enabled. Once I
select Appply, the "OK" button's caption changes
to "Close". This happened on the English OS. On the Arabic
Win 2K professional OS, "OK" text changes to an Arabic
text (probably equivalent to English "Close"). This looks
a little weird since the rest of the resource UI is in
English and only one button's caption is in Arabic.

      Is there something that we can do about it? Is there
any other lparam or wparam data that we can pass with
PSM_CANCELTOCLOSE that will prevent using of localized
strings? I'd appreciate any answers.


Sun, 11 Sep 2005 20:04:03 GMT  
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