Using the MFC ActiveX Control Wizard instead of the MFC AppWizard (exe) 
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 Using the MFC ActiveX Control Wizard instead of the MFC AppWizard (exe)

Platform:  Window's NT Workstation
Language:  Visual C++ 5.0

I have successfully written a program with the MFC AppWizard (exe), using a
ComboBox, Buttons, and a ListView (in Report mode).  I got them to interact
the way I wanted, etc.  Now I'm trying to recreate what I did for that
program, but now using the MFC ActiveX ControlWizard.  I'm really having a
hard time trying to figure out how everything interacts, and in particular,
calling function like InsertItem (), etc.  Are these the functions that I
should be trying to call...if not, what functions do I need to be able to
populate the ListView?

Thanx for any input...~cris

Mon, 24 Jul 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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