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 "Application" Type Advice

Last week I posted a couple of messages regarding the use
of an Active X control in an Automation Server.  Unfortunately,
I received no response.  I am guessing that is because this
is something that is not done as a matter of practice (Forgive
me.  I am relatively new to ActiveX, OLE, etc.)

Could someone then offer advice on a proper way to
implement the following:

    I would like to create an object (Active X, Automation server,
    that "imports" a predefined Active X control.  The object that I
    is used in three or four different applications written in three or
    different languages (Delphi, VC++, labview....).

I hope that explains it clearly enough.  I chose an automation server
because one other server I wrote works perfectly under all three
 However, there are no ActiveX objects used in the server.

Many thanks in advance,
Mark Everly

Sun, 13 Jul 2003 03:26:49 GMT  
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