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 Expanding Drop Down List Boxes



> Please excuse me I'm just posting this because I'm the only one with access to
> newsgroups. We are building a GUI in VC++/MFC. One of the problems is that the
> text for some of the rows in the list of drop down list boxes is too long. The
> guys that are working on this ahve not come up with a way to make the list
> expand to show the full length of the text in the list. There is a constraint as
> to how much of the text will show when the list is closed, not dropped down. but
> when it is selected expanded and in its dropped down it needs to expand to show
> the full length of the text. Is this possable? If so I'd appreciate a pointer to
> some code examples on how to do it.

> jw

I think what you're asking about is the CB_SETHORIZONTALEXTENT message or in an MFC CCombobox, the
SetHorizontalExtent member function.


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Sun, 30 May 2004 07:15:39 GMT  
 Expanding Drop Down List Boxes
See also my self-adjusting listbox on my MVP Tips site. This handles setting the extent
transparently. The same code could be readily modified to support a combo box.

>Thanks Jeff, I'll check this out.


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Tue, 01 Jun 2004 00:26:38 GMT  
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