opengl enabled view crashing in nt2000 MFC MDI VC 6.0 app 
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 opengl enabled view crashing in nt2000 MFC MDI VC 6.0 app

I have a VC++ 6.0 MFC app with MDI interface and splitterWnds in the MDI
Views. in one of the (plit)views I have a OpenGL-enabled View (with pretty
much the same structure as shown in the OpenGL SuperBible book, chapter 21),
all the views using only GDI. While this program ran fine in NT 4.0, on 2000
it crashes on windows creation or destruction (but not consistently). In
debug mode though it consistently crashed in the opengl enabled views
OnDestroy member in a call to wglDeleteContext( m_hGLContext );

I have looked through the msdn bug database, and though there are severla
issues with opengl and mdi, I couldnt see anything to di with this one.

Anyone has similar problem, suggestions, or better yet a solution ?


Tue, 02 Sep 2003 01:40:53 GMT  
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