ETDT_ENABLETAB background repeats at 1024 pixels - aggggh 
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 ETDT_ENABLETAB background repeats at 1024 pixels - aggggh

In a previous article Doug Harrison [MVP]
advised me to use

   EnableThemeDialogTexture( m_hWnd, ETDT_ENABLETAB)

to make a "tab page" look correct.

  "tab page" = a page/dialog that blends smoothly into its tab
        in the tab control drawn above it.

This works  EXCEPT  when the sheet is over 1024 pixels the pattern
suddenly goes into a repeat !!!!!!!!!

(the color jumps to light and the gradient re-starts)

Sob Sob

Does anyone have a solution of how to draw "tab sheet" that

a) looks OK with a tab on the top
b) looks good when it is greater than 1024 pixcels tall


Is their any official way to

a) find the color of the first line of TAB - BODY
b) paint it into the  BODY AREA  of the "tab sheet"

If your wondering - my "tab pages" are resizeable and contain
edit windows which show a log file. Users on large screens
resize to see more of the log - the result under XP does not
impress them  :(  :(

Roger Pfister

Sun, 09 May 2004 03:38:50 GMT  
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