Cross-platform Mac/Win C++ with QTVR and MFC 
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 Cross-platform Mac/Win C++ with QTVR and MFC

Start: Now
Nature: Contract/{*filter*}
Location: Work from home, anywhere, UK or Europe preferred.
Contact: Jeff

Position: Seeking a code-magician with Wow! technical skills to work
on this short fun project - approx 3 months per platform.  Ideally you
have a sound knowledge of MFC, know what an Abstract Factory and
Visitor are, and have experience of programming with QuickTime or
QTVR.  If you have all the skills, or the basic skills and are an
exceptionally quick learner, tell me about yourself.

Alternatively, if you can't take on the whole project, but are
experienced at writing components, the nature of the project is such
that it could be contracted to several people, each developing a
portion for integration into the final product.  Let me know if you
have skills to offer - Cross-Platform Software Architecture, QTVR,
Cross-Platform DB,  and System Integrator skills would be required.


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Sat, 04 Sep 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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