Where to start question from .Net newbie 
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 Where to start question from .Net newbie

Hi all,

I have to make a sort of drawing app., which should be a web app., partly
because it will get the building stones to draw with from a remote database.

I would know how to make this a Java applet, embedded in a web page. Which
is a form that I like for this.

But, instead of using Java, I would like to use the new VS.Net, so that I
learn to work with that environment.

Is this a sort of 'client architecture' that .Net offers? What is it called?
Where to start?

I guess it would be good using C# for it, but I don't mind using C/MFC. For
the latter I obviously find ActiveX. That's not the way to go, is it?

Thanks for your ideas!

Sander Verhagen

Sat, 09 Apr 2005 00:11:55 GMT  
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