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 Document Class and Dialog Windows :: MFC

Im not very experienced myself but, i would stick with the messages
solution. A couple of books ibe read on MFC mention this as the "Best"
solution for this.

> Hi.

> I am working on a project that contains a formview class
> with multiple dialog windows visible. As the user make
> changes to each dialog box, I want to update the document
> class. I implemente a message solution. The dialog boxes
> update send messages to the view class. The view class
> update the document class.

> In general, the solution above is adequate. However, in
> this particular project, the dialog windows are visible in
> the formview. I would like to know is there other more
> elegant solutions?

> For example, is it possible to implement a GetDocument()
> function that returns a pointer to the document class
> inside the dialog boxes? As another example, how about
> passing the dialog boxes pointers to the document class? I
> do not want to implement these solution unless messages
> fail. Thus these solutions should be last resorts.

> Thanks,
> Kuphryn

Mon, 16 May 2005 05:46:04 GMT  
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